MateenDowel Road Slabs


MateenDowel GFRP dowel is a large diameter smooth surfaced dowel used in roading projects in areas where high shear strength is required.

MateenDowel is used extensively in concrete jointed roads and underpasses in extreme conditions subjected to de-icing salts & salty soils.

The lightweight nature of MateenDowel is safer and reduces cost, a dowel basket with MateenDowel is around 25kg, compared with 70kg for a steel alternative.

MateenDowel is also used extensively in Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls, where its extreme durability of the fibreglass composite assures no future problems due to dowel corrosion.

MateenDowl Superslab USAAdvantages

MateenDowel has the following advantages:

  • corrosion resistance
  • longest life cycle of all dowel types
  • high shear strength for load transfer efficiency
  • light weight, fast installation
  • significant savings of over 60% compared to stainless steel dowels

MateenDowel Yaldhurt QuarrySpecifications

  • MateenDowel is available is three sizes 25, 32 and 38mm at any length
  • MateenDowel can be supplied with a surface tissue depending on local regulations
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