Mateenbolt on tableDescription

MateenBolt GRFP rock-bolts have precision machined threads and are produced in advanced composite materials which set MateenBolt as the industry standard in composite rock bolts and soil anchors.

Composite plastic nuts and washer plates provide the strongest head strength in the market allowing you to maximise the holding power of every bolt.

MateenBolt Marriott Hotel


  • non-corrosive
  • non-magnetic
  • high strength
  • light weight

Temporary MateenBolt:

  • Cuttable bolts for temporary ground support- NATM/SEM/Lunardi Tunneling method ground support- Temporary threaded bar for concrete form tie

Permanent MateenBolt:

  • Bolting or soil-nailing in corrosive (alkali or acidic) environments- replaces galvanised, epoxy, stainless or double corrosion protected bolts
  • Hollow bolt option available

Mateenbolt with washerSpecifications

Sizes 22mm, 25mm and 32mm are available in temporary or permanent configurations lengths of 6m or 12m that are fully threaded provide a simple and effective solution to the harshest demands.

All rock bolt products have been tested according to AASHTO, ACI and recommended ASTM methods.

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