MateenBar used in wave protection units for Dubai's Burj Al Arab Hotel

DSCN3034 Large

MateenBar has recently been installed in the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

Recently celebrating its 20th anniversary, a re-lifing project was undertaken on the SHED wave energy dispersions units protecting the Burj al Arab island.

MateenBar was choosen to reinforce the SHED units, with the hotel opting to extend the lifetime of the structure by utilizing state of the art advanced composite materials like MateenBar which were not avaiable during the original construction.

Alternative proposals were considered by the design consultant Atkins, but rejected as unsuitable. These included black steel reinforcement (limited durability), epoxy coated (reliability issues), galvanized (reliability and environmental issues) and stainless steel reinforcement (increased cost).

The proven performance of MateenBar in highly saline coastal environments was a key factor in Atkins recommendations.

Form more information see the Burj al Arab case study.

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