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Mateen-bar is the ideal product developed specifically for egineers who are working in environments with demands beyond the abilities of (traditional) steel reinforcement
soft-eyes_for_tunnelSingapore MRT

During the construction of the Singapore MRT underground stations, various concrete walls and columns had to be built in the path of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) prior to tunnelling.

mateenbarTM was used for 'soft-eyes' within walls and 'soft-column' sections in positions where the TBM would be required to cut through during later stages of construction.






109km of line


64 currently operating

(expansion in progress)

daily usage

1.654 million passengers

rebar_tunnelNorthside storage tunnel

The Northside Storage Tunnel was built in Sydney, Australia (1998-2000) from the suburb of Lane Cove (Western Sydney) to North Head. The total tunnel length was in excess of 20km, with diameters from 3.8metres to 6.6 metres, a total excavation of 750,000m3 of ground and a project cost of USD 400 million.

The tunnel was commissioned to collect storm overflow from the sewerage system to reduce contamination from raw sewage entering Sydney's iconic harbour.

Due to the potentially corrosive nature of the chemicals present in the storm-water and sewage overflow, it was determined that stainless steel reinforcement could not offer the required life-span and that more corrosion resistant materials would be required.

Pultron worked in conjunction with tunnel design engineers to develop specialised tunnel reinforcement rockbolts based on mateenbarTM which fulfilled the required mechanical properties and offered the extreme corrosion resistance required for this difficult application.



project value

USD 400 million


Connell Wagner


MWH, Transfield


Sydney Water


Eastlink tunnel

The mateenbarTM was used to create isolation breaks within the Springvale Road tunnel on the USD 2.0 billion "Eastlink M3" toll road in Melbourne, Australia.

If steel reinforcement is continuous throughout the length of a tunnel, eddy currents created by induction are sufficient to accelerate the rate of corrosion within the steel reinforcement. Solving this was traditionally costly: extra reinforcement was allowed for within the design to compensate for the accelerated corrosion; joints were welded to ensure electrical contact; and earthing systems were linked to sacrificial cathodic blocks. This was both time consuming and expensive.

The electrical insulation properties of mateenbarTM allowed the designers to isolate short sections of reinforcement - thereby reducing eddy currents and reducing the affects of accelerated corrosion, as well as saving both time and money on the project.



project cost

USD 2.0 billion


ConnectEast Pty LTD


Thiess John Holland JV