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Pultron Composites - New Zealand

For over 30 years, Pultron Composites has been working closely with engineers to develop a high performance FRP reinforcement with the engineering properties to solve problems beyond the abilities of traditional steel reinforcement.Pultron Composites New Zealand

In 1985 Pultron worked in conjunction with DuPont to develop a reinforcement system that addresses the shortfalls of steel. These products were introduced to the coal mining industry to help improve mine safety in difficult geotechnical situations and also to increase productivity by eliminating the down-time previously caused by the use of steel reinforcements.

It was a small step to redesign these rockbolts, creating a composite rebar suitable for reinforced concrete in areas where steel could not be used.

Since then, Pultron has worked with key markets players, developed FRP reinforcement specific to their requirements.

Ongoing R&D projects ensure that Pultron is at the leading edge of technology.


Pultron Composites Dubai

Pultron Composites - United Arab Emirates

In 2008, Pultron Composites developed its new manufacturing plant in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. This state of the art and LEED Gold certified factory, supplies MateenBar to the Middle East and surrounding markets.

Pultron sees a strong demand for MateenBar in the region due to the highly corrosive environmental conditions and a requirement for durable reinforcement.

MateenBar leads the composite rebar market in the Middle East with a combination of delivery speed, best strength, best value, best technology and a locally made product.

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