Tunnelling & Cutting

MateenBar™ is used to reinforce diaphragm walls and bored piles as it can be easily cut by a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).


Soft-Eye technique

The soft-eye technique provides significant cost, scheduling and safety benefits in tunnel projects.

The TBM can drill through underground shaft walls without becoming damaged or delayed as the MateenBar can be cut as easily as un-reinforced concrete. With traditional steel reinforcement, the TBM has to be stopped before each shaft and the breakthrough has to be prepared manually, using hydraulic hammers and acetylene cutting equipment.

When located below the groundwater, a manual breakout often also requires further time consuming works such as a ground-stabilising and water-proofing by jet-grouting injection to prevent water and soil flooding the pit.

Construction proceeds faster, costs are lowered, and site safety is improved when MateenBar is installed in the break-through zone.

Traditional tunnelling

In traditionally driven tunnels, the broken-out areas are secured using shot-crete and Pultrons’ MateenBolt rock-bolts.

Project examples

  • Eastlink Tunnel - Melbourne, Australia
  • Lusail expressway - Doha, Qatar
  • Singapore MRT - Singapore
  • Cross City Tunnel - Sydney, Australia
  • Sewerage Treatment Enhancement Project - Abu Dhabi, UAE


Case Studies

Singapore MRT - Singapore (2002)

During the construction of the Singapore MRT underground stations, various concrete walls and columns had to be built in the path of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) prior to tunnelling.

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