Eastlink tunnel - Melbourne, Australia (2007 )

MateenBar was used to create isolation breaks within the Springvale Road tunnel on the USD 2.0 billion "Eastlink M3" toll road in Melbourne, Australia.

If steel reinforcement is continuous throughout the length of a tunnel, eddy currents created by induction are sufficient to accelerate the rate of corrosion within the steel reinforcement. Solving this was traditionally costly: extra reinforcement was allowed for within the design to compensate for the accelerated corrosion; joints were welded to ensure electrical contact; and earthing systems were linked to sacrificial cathodic blocks. This was both time consuming and expensive.

The electrical insulation properties of MateenBar allowed the designers to isolate short sections of reinforcement - thereby reducing eddy currents and reducing the affects of accelerated corrosion, as well as saving both time and money on the project.

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