Dibba Harbour - Sharjah, UAE (2011)


Client: Government of Sharjah, Directorate of Public Works.
Consultant: Halcrow.
Contractor: Darwish Engineering.
Designer: VSL.
Construction Period: 9 months.
Expected Completion Date: June 2012.

Main Quantities

Earthwork Excavation: 108,000 m3.
Concrete: 2,200 m3.
MateenBar GFRP Reinforcement: 15 Tons.
Geo Textiles: 180,000 m2.
Rock Materials: 9,000 m3.
Gravel: - 1,440 m3.
Paving Blocks: 4,320 m2.

Project Brief

This is a Marina development with a 600m long access canal for a housing project near the beaches of Dibba Harbour, on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates.

To form the canal, soil is excavated to a 6m depth, the canal banks are then retained by Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) quay walls. Required service life of the MSE quay wall is 75 years.

Alternative proposals were initially considered, but rejected for the quay walls. These included black steel reinforced pre-cast concrete panels and mass concrete panels.

To achieve the service life requirement, the consultant decided on the use of Pultron Composites’ MateenBar (GFRP Rebar) to reinforce over two thousand 220mm thick pre-cast decorative quay wall panels.

The total solution gives a design life of over 100 years.

MateenBar is a rust-free, salt resistant and non-corrosive reinforcement rod, and is an ideal application for marine environments.

MateenBar is manufactured of high performance composite materials including vinylester resin and ECR glass fibers.

The leading mechanical properties of MateenBar have seen it used in many marine projects, both in the GCC region and in other parts of the world as a non-corrosive reinforcement and as an economical replacement for stainless steel.

Pultron has a successful relationship with VSL having supplied MateenBar toggle rods for a number of MSE motorway interchange projects in corrosive soil environments.

Download Dibba seawall case study
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