Case Studies

MateenBar has been utilized successfully in a number of projects as can been seen in the case studies below:

Burj Al Arab - Dubai, UAE (2015)

Mateenbar has been used to reinforce 1,500 wave energy dissipating SHED units protecting the island of the iconic Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai.

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El Ain El Sokhna Supercritical Power Plant - Egypt (2012)

To provide security rods for the water intake for a 2 x 650 Mega Watt Gas / Oil Fired Power station. Required service life of the MateenDowel high durability rods is 100 years.

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Northside Storage Tunnel - Sydney, Australia (1998 - 2000)

The Northside Storage Tunnel was built in Sydney, Australia (1998-2000) from the suburb of Lane Cove (Western Sydney) to North Head. The total tunnel length was in excess of 20km, with diameters from 3.8 meters to 6.6 meters, a total excavation of 750,000m3 of ground and a project cost of USD 400 million.

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Dibba Harbour - Sharjah, UAE (2011)

Client: Government of Sharjah, Directorate of Public Works.Consultant: Halcrow.Contractor: Darwish Engineering.Designer: VSL.Construction Period: 9 months.Expected Completion Date: June 2012.

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Kaikoura Coastal Highway - Kaikoura Coast, New Zealand (2017)

In November 2016 a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the South Island of New Zealand. The rebuild of the vital coastal arterial is using mateenbar for durability.

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