MateenBar is non-electro magnetic and non-conductive for advantages in high power areas


  • aluminium & copper smelters
  • power & substations
  • sensitive electronic laboratories and calibration areas
  • military applications
  • electrical isolation breaks

Often, in areas of high electrical fields significant power is lost due to induction in the surrounding steel reinforcement.

This creates a number of problems including:

  • extensive earthing systems required for electrical safety
  • greater concrete coverage requirements for electrical insulation
  • accelerated corrosion of re-bars due to high levels of electrolysis
  • increased installation costs and time welding every joint.

In addition, a two-fold energy wastage problem is created:

  • induction losses create eddy currents which heat the reinforcement•increased cooling is required to remove the unwanted heat.
  • Non-magnetic benefits prove useful around highly sensitive electronic areas such as research & calibration laboratories, and near M.R.I equipment in hospitals.

Project examples

  • Qatar Aluminium Smelter (Qatalum) - Doha, Qatar
  • Eastlink M3 Tunnel - Melbourne, Australia
  • London Rail Network - United Kingdom
  • Penrose Substation - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Substation reinforcement - Ghana Grid Company, Ghana

Case Studies

Islington Road Substation

MateenBar was used for its non-conductive and non-electromagnetic properties.It is used throughout the concrete mounting pads for transformers and filter-banks.Steel rebar can create an electrical safety hazard, becoming 'live' through induced electrical currents. The induction causes heating within the steel, and the sub-station also loses efficiency due to the power...

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