Superior Performance

Cost advantages 

MateenBar test breakage 1

In applications where corrosion resistance is important, mild steel is unsuitable unless it is combined with an additional costly protection system such as

  • Bar coating – galvanized or epoxy coating
  • Increased concrete cover
  • Cathodic protection
  • Special concrete admixtures
  • Paint or membrane water-proofing and protection of the entire structure.

Although these steel protection systems may delay the onset of corrosion, they increase costs, and cannot prevent the inevitable. They must be executed on-site 100% accurately to avoid premature failure.

High-grade stainless steel is an option where on-site workmanship can not be controlled. However, it is a very expensive material to use.

Steel based systems only treat the symptoms, MateenBar GFRP technology solves the problems and guarantees a corrosion free solution at 40% of the cost of high-grade stainless steel without construction risks.


MateenBar is formulated from some of the most highly corrosion resistant materials available.

Precise process control ensures optimum performance is achieved from these materials for maximum durability. This is most critical in harsh environments where performance of other materials may prove inadequate.

Research & development

Our materials research scientists and R&D capabilities ensure that MateenBar utilizes the highest performing raw materials.

MateenBar is manufactured from a proven epoxy backboned resin system to maximise corrosion resistance and increase inter-laminar shear strength. Carefully selected grades of ECR glass fibre ensure immunity to alkaline attack, and long life.

Tensile strength

Glass content, fibre straightness, and the bond between fibres and the resin matrix are carefully controlled to achieve the high tensile strength of MateenBar.

Continuous quality control and a commitment to long term proven raw material suppliers ensure superior properties are maintained throughout the entire production batch.

Modulus of elasticity

The elastic modulus of MateenBar is near the theoretical limit for the glass fibre and resin matrix, ensuring maximum strength is achieved from the raw materials.

Bond strength

The integral ribbed surface of MateenBar has improved durability as it does not rely on additional surface treatment or sand coatings which are not resilient under repeated loads. The rib shape and pitch has been designed to provide a superior bond strength compatible with commercial grades of concrete.

The high performance characteristics of MateenBar ensures it delivers excellent value for money through maximum strength and extreme longevity.


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