MateenBar Advantages

MateenBar GFRP rebar is the perfect reinforcement for concrete in challenging environments.

Resistance to corrosion & chemicals

MateenBar is highly resistant to chemical attack, and cannot rust. This makes it ideal for marine applications, chemical plants and other environments where steel is unsuitable.

Design engineers working in such conditions select MateenBar to achieve extended life-spans. 

MateenBar is the ideal material for applications where minimal concrete coverage is required - since its corrosion resistance eliminates leaching and rust stains which otherwise ruin the surface aesthetics.

Non-conductive & non-electro magnetic

MateenBar is non-conductive and thus stray electrical currents cannot cause induction problems. In areas of high electrical fields, significant power is lost due to induction into the surrounding steel reinforcement increasing operational costs.

Accelerated corrosion also occurs from eddy currents causing electrolysis of the steel reinforcement, requiring extensive earth grounding systems, insulation and increased concrete coverage.

Additional savings can be realised as MateenBar reinforced structures can be located in the direct proximity of electric fields. As a result, transformer buildings can be smaller and high current equipment may be installed directly on the reinforced slab.

Low thermal conductivity

The excellent insulation properties of MateenBar helps ensure that the concrete maintains a good thermal insulation value. This is ideal in environmentally friendly homes and structures designed for low environmental impact.

Easy to cut

In tunnel projects, Pultron's MateenBar is specified for soft-eyes in the cages of piles and diaphragm walls. A Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) can cut through the soft-eyes easily without risk of damage to expensive cutting equipment. The saving in down-time and the total avoidance of additional ground injections are critical in helping engineers keep projects running on schedule and within budget.


Non-magnetic reinforcement is essential for areas close to magnetic apparatus - such as hospital MRI rooms, compass calibration areas and certain high-voltage applications - steel reinforcement is unsuitable because the magnetic properties interfere with sensitive equipment. These problems are avoidable by specifying MateenBar non-magnetic rebar for such applications.

Minimum moisture absorption

Moisture absorption must be minimised to ensure longevity of composites. Our moisture absorption rates are extremely low, ensuring mechanical properties are maintained for as long as possible. This is also critical for chemical resistance.


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